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BHCL is an Engineering Company formed during early 2002 by the ex-employees of Incorporated Hotwork Leyland Ltd., engaged in the business of specialized Engineering Services related to all type of Refractory Dryout jobs and post weld heat treatment (Stress Relieving) Jobs with the help of our High Velocity Oil and Gas Burners and Accessories in various industries like Refinery and Hydrocarbon Industries, Fertilizer and Chemical Industries, Steel & Power Industries, Glass Plant and other manufacturing and processing Industries.


BHCL has a team of qualified and trained Engineers and Technicians who have long experience for about 25 years in the field of Refractory Drying & Heat-up Technology. Most of our technicians had in house training under Hotwork Leyland Ltd (UK), in early 90s, and handled large number of Projects for reputed customer and process licensors in the field of Glass Industries, Petrochemicals, Oil Refinery, Cement and Steel, Fertilizers and other Process Plants.


BHCL has adequate number of equipment such as High Velocity Gas (LPG/NG) / Oil (HSD & LDO) Burners, Duplex Oil Pumping & Straining units, Calibrated Digital Temperature Recorders, Thermocouples, Blowers, Draining equipments, Cullet Blowers and other accessories for carrying out Refractory Dryout and Pre-heating Operation.


We have successfully executed a good number of heat-up jobs in various Glass Industries, Steel Plants, Refineries, Fertilizer Plants, Cement Industries and Chemical Process Plants etc. We have already completed prestigious projects under inspection of EIL, LLOYDS, IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, BHPV, IPCL, RIL-JAMNAGAR, L&T, L&T-ECC, CIRIA, TRL, CIRL, BHEL-THIRCHY, IJT-NOIDA, DEC-CHINA, TOYO, JACOBS, TRF (MBF GROUP), SAIL-RANCHI & MECON RANCHI etc.


The BHCL burners are portable and flexible in terms of space requirement for deployment. Turndown ratios of these burners are very high (1:50) which enable accurate temperature control at all stages from Ambient to 1100oc. Each high velocity double air entry burner (Oil / Gas) and single air entry burner are fully adjustable upto 2.25 and 1.75 M K cal/Hr. and capable of passing 5600 & 2800 NM3/Hr. respectively of hot gas when connected to combustion air fans.

Proper curing of Refractory enhances Refractory life of Furnace.


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